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The Raven - Complete "Season 1" Collector's Edition

The Raven - Complete "Season 1" Collector's Edition

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Dive into the complete first season of "The Raven," where every shadow harbours a secret and every moment a destiny. This Collector's Edition brings together all six gripping instalments of an epic saga that has captivated fans of supernatural thrillers and intricate mysteries. Set in a London where past and present merge, this series invites you to explore a city haunted by its history and a darkness that lurks beneath its surface.

John Smith, an ordinary man chosen by Death, is transformed into The Raven, a figure of dark power tasked with protecting London from a malevolent force that threatens to consume both its past and future. With Kimberley Mansfield by his side, whose bravery and scepticism make her an indispensable ally, they journey through the eerie halls of Nuthall Psychiatric Hospital and into the heart of a haunted city. Together, they uncover a tapestry of devils, demons, and unspeakable horrors, as they unravel a sinister web of murder and mysteries.

Embark on this thrilling odyssey through time and darkness in the "The Raven Complete Season 1 Collector's Edition." From the spectral shadows of Victorian London to the pulsing heart of the modern city, follow John and Kimberley as they stand against an unimaginable threat. This collector's edition not only brings together the gripping narrative of the entire first season but also sets the stage for the climactic finale where darkness and light collide in an epic showdown that will define the future of our world.

For fans of supernatural thrillers and intricate mysteries, "The Raven" finale is a masterstroke of narrative brilliance that stands as a testament to Tobey Alexander's storytelling prowess. This series finale not only brings closure to the thrilling saga of The Raven but also marks a significant milestone in the genre, offering a heart-stopping blend of suspense, revelation, and action that captivates until the very last page.

Purchase "The Raven Complete Season 1 Collector's Edition" ebook edition now and witness the dawn of a new era in the supernatural thriller genre, where heroes are forged in the crucible of their darkest battles.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
What a fun read

I enjoyed this book so much. Not my typical genre but something about it caught my attention. What a fun read with adorable characters. Am I a weirdo for Death being my favorite character? Looking forward to reading more.

Roxanne Birmingham
Review by Roxanne

This is an amazing creepy and keeps you hooked. The Raven is death hand to take out the Ripper. All goes awry after the Raven believes he has defeated him. He gets a big surprise when he hears of a copy cat. But is it really or had the true Ripper come back to terrorize once again? Can they Raven once and for all take him down?

Mr. Wayne W. Meldrum
Dark fantasy

It's like a mish mash of several things, the shadow, the crow, batman and many others and woven into a good yarn that in Kindle is let down by so many spelling mistakes, I will definitely get the next book.

The raven episodes one through three by Toby Alexander is an awesome book about a superhero who i...

The raven episodes one through three by Toby Alexander is an awesome book about a superhero who is not your typical superhero but a superhero nonetheless. He is called The Raven he was once a policeman but having been murdered by a monster in the 1800s called the Ripper he is now immortal for the last 30 years he’s been in a mental hospital. Thanks to a college thesis he finally gets out and it’s a good thing because his help is sorely needed. These three books which are called episodes were so good ever since I’ve been blind it is rare I find good superhero books that aren’t comics and was so glad to get this one I think it took me a day and a half to finish and I cannot wait to read more about the raven. There is something so satisfying about good versus evil win Goodwins not to mention the crazy battles this was a great read if you love superheroes with reluctant sidekicks then you definitely need to read the raven. I want to thank voracious readersonly for my free arc via the author please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.

Marilyn Morgan
I hope it does get picked up as a TV show or movie

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author via Voracious Readers Only. I enjoyed this book. The story was entertaining and I think it would translate well to the screen. I know I'd be a loyal viewer if it does make it! I really enjoyed the sarcasm of the main character. Many of the quips brought a grin to my face. I am definitely going to have to check out the rest of this story.