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The Raven Episodes I-III: A supernatural superhero series ebook

The Raven Episodes I-III: A supernatural superhero series ebook

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Every shadow in "The Raven" hides a secret, but can humanity survive its darkest revelations?

Dare to step into the shadow-laden world of "The Raven," where every corner hides a chilling mystery and the fate of humanity teeters on a knife-edge. In this gripping saga, courage is your only ally, and fearlessness your greatest weapon.

At the heart of "The Raven" lies John Smith, an unexpected hero chosen by the very forces of Death to confront an encroaching darkness. With the super-human strength bestowed upon him in this role, he embodies the quintessence of a guardian against the night. Side by side with Kimberley Mansfield, whose skeptical mind and resilient heart make her a faithful ally, they embark on a sensational journey through the haunted corridors of Nuthall Psychiatric Hospital and beyond.

Their path is fraught with devils, demons, and echoes of past atrocities, pushing them into a sinister web of murder and mystery so dense, the line between reality and nightmare begins to blur. As John fully embraces his destiny as The Raven, they unravel dark secrets and face horrors beyond human comprehension, in a race against time to avert a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions.

"The Raven" is not just a story; it's a pulse-pounding experience that seamlessly weaves the supernatural with gritty realism. It's a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit, showcasing the sensational battles fought in the name of love, faith, and sacrifice. Heroes are forged in darkness, and within these pages, you'll find characters who are the very embodiment of courage and fearless determination.

Spanning six novella-length episodes, this series invites you on a journey that will leave you at the edge of your seat, hungry for more of its hauntingly dark world. From its origins as a television pilot to its rebirth as a gritty series, "The Raven" has captivated audiences, earning acclaim as a genre-defining work.

Prepare to be enthralled. "The Raven" awaits those brave enough to delve into its mysteries. Will you answer the call to adventure? Uncover the sensation that is "The Raven" and let it transform you, page by page, into the hero you were meant to be.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Twists, turns, and so much more.

I received a preview copy of this title to read. I had not anticipated the range of this story or the depths it's detail would hold. As someone who doesn't usually find interest in reading digital editions (for some reason I just can't remain focused to a tablet or device like I do with a physical book in hand), I was pleasantly surprised how the author created scenes in such a way that I was pulled into location with the characters and lost all other reality around me. There was no predictability within these chapters! The only afflictions I found were grammatical, which I assume is due to the "preview copy" nature of what I was reading. As a teacher, my brain focused on them causing me to have to reset and continue on reading, but they in no way detracted from the story itself. I have found a new favorite author when I need a taste of something outside the lines, and look forward to exploring where the Raven goes from here.


Received a digital copy from Voracious Readers Only website & the author's permission to give an unbiased review.Really enjoy the surreal experience in this novella. The paranormal mystery, suspence. Person with a compelling alter-ego fighting the darkness for the safety of humanity. 10 out of 10 stars


Why has Netflix not snapped this up.Couldn't put it down. Was hooked before i was even half way through the first EpisodeEdge of your seat reading

S. L. Hunter
Can be scary.

The Ravens of London have many stories about them, but this one of the best It can be scary in parts . I encourage all who are interested ito read it.Thank you to the author and Voracious readers for this copy.

Great storytelling!

I really enjoyed the way this story took a new take on a well known series of events. I felt the depth of the characters and as always with a book written by Tobey - I love the way he tells the story. Well worth a read.